2012-02-13 20:12:54 by Oink-Moo

Ok, so obviously the 30-day thing didn't really work. I did get a few drawings out of it, which I guess will be submitted soon just probably not in the Portal.

Instead, I'm striving to simply do better art in general than I have been. I want to improve the quality and style and make my art a bit more dynamic or some shit like that.

I'm also experimenting with nudity, erotic art, and drawing different things like men... So more art to come is basically what I'm saying.

So good day and hopefully what comes of this will be enjoyable for at least some.


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2012-02-18 22:33:19

well good luck girl, you already draw nice so i really think you can get better :)

Oink-Moo responds:

Aw, well thank you. :)