More news, years later.

2016-02-20 04:01:58 by Oink-Moo

Every now and then I come back to NG, because I do like that I can post whatever the fuck I want here. My work isn't the most intense, or always the most explicit, but it can be too racy for all platforms, especially things like Facebook.

So here is my own website, which is still under construction but does have some of my paintings, drawings, and a few digital downloads if you're into coloring pages.

And once again, here is my Facebook page, so you can like it and receive updates on what I'm up to and whatever new stuff I'm working on.

Thanks NG, for being a buddy.

I know what I said before and I don't care, OK?

2015-03-11 23:21:11 by Oink-Moo

It's been 3 years since I posted last, but don't bother looking because I deleted it. 

I have some more stuff to post, but I have no proper photographing devices with which to do it. So I'm gathering my stuff and getting my art posted all over the Internet so I can get it out there. I have a few pages I'm setting up for myself, including Facebook and Instagram and I will share those here once they're all done. In the mean time enjoy the sporadic uploads I'm posting. You'll be seeing a lot more paintings from now on. :) 

Like my page on Facebook:

If you'd like to see what I have for sale go to More will be added and prints will be available soon.


2012-02-13 20:12:54 by Oink-Moo

Ok, so obviously the 30-day thing didn't really work. I did get a few drawings out of it, which I guess will be submitted soon just probably not in the Portal.

Instead, I'm striving to simply do better art in general than I have been. I want to improve the quality and style and make my art a bit more dynamic or some shit like that.

I'm also experimenting with nudity, erotic art, and drawing different things like men... So more art to come is basically what I'm saying.

So good day and hopefully what comes of this will be enjoyable for at least some.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

2011-12-31 00:44:29 by Oink-Moo

To motivate myself to draw more during 2012 (Since I only completed like 3 things in 2011, one of which was a painting), I decided to complete a 30 day drawing challenge I found on the Internet recently.

I actually had two challenges to choose from, this one seemed to be the better one. nt/uploads/2011/04/30Day.jpg

Naturally, I'll be starting on the first of January, which means I'll probably start updating on the second or third maybe. Anyway, there will be drawings.

I'm a crappy updater.

2011-12-24 07:56:16 by Oink-Moo

So I'm a crappy updater. I update now and then, sometimes I even complete new art. Most of the art submitted recently is old, maybe a year or more old, but there have been a few new ones and will be more soon, promise.

Until then, enjoy my sketches and old artwork.